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Skirt Tabs - Standard Cut

Our Standard Cut material is approximately 6 inches long and has 22 strands that are about .030 wide.

Special Order Skirt Tabs - Frog Hair & Wide Cut

Our Frog Hair material is approximately 6 inches long and has 20 strands that are about .020 wide.

*Frog Hair Material is not stocked and requires a minimum order of 1000 per color.

Our Wide Cut material is available in two lengths – 8 inches and 11½ inches. Both lengths have 9 strands that are about .05 wide.

*Wide Cut Material is not stocked and requires a minimum order of 200 per color.

Banded Skirts - Standard Cut

Our Standard Cut Banded Skirts utilize our standard skirting material. Each skirt is banded off-center with a latex band. The tab ends are cut off to leave a 5 inch banded skirt. The strands are then combed to ensure the strands are separated.

Hole-in-One Skirts

Hole-in-One Skirts are banded skirts with a hole directly in the center for quick and easy installation. The strands are glued to a silicone core, which also helps the material flare for better action. These skirts are great for spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, or jigs.

Hole-in-One Half Skirts

Hole-in-One Half Skirts are banded and glued to the same silicone core as the five inch version, but are trimmed to 2½" to create the "buzz cut" on the top of the skirt. These silicone skirts work exceptionally well on finesse style jigs.

*Hole-in-One Half Skirts required a minimum order of 500 per color.

Bio-Flex Plus Rollup Skirts

Bio-Flex Plus Rollup Skirts replicate the look and feel of the old fashion rubber skirts. The mixing of the short fine cut strands with the longer wide cut strands allows for superior swimming qualities when pulled through the water. Plus, since they are a silicone-based skirt, they will never get "gummy" while sitting in hot tackle boxes.

Available Colors

BFP-1 – Snow White
BFP-2 – Black
BFP-3 – Snow White & Chartrese
BFP-4 – Pumpkin, Chart & Orange
BFP-5 – Chartreuse, Snow White & Lime
BFP-6 – Yellow, Snow White & Limetreuse
BFP-7 – Black & Chartreuse
BFP-8 – Black & Blue
BFP-9 – Chartreuse
BFP-10 – Chartreuse, Orange & Lime

**Minimum Order for other color combinations is 500 Skirts.

Pro-Tie Skirts

Pro-Tie Skirts are hand-tied with a flexible thread and allows for near perfect color separation around the skirt perimeter. The strands are adhered to a silicone core that contains a center hole for quick and easy installation. This skirt is the perfect spinnerbait or buzzbait skirt.

Pro-Tie Skirts w/Tail

This skirt adds a 22 strand trailer tail to compliment the existing Pro-Tie Skirt. The tail is glued to the bottom portion of the core on the inside creating durability while allowing the tail to breathe. The tail can be trimmed to any length up to 4 inches.


Rattles are available in two colors – Clear and Black. Each color is offered in two sizes.

Small Rattles (¾”)
Large Rattles (1”)

Rattle Bands and Rattle Straps

Rattle Bands (Mickey Mouse Bands) are offered in Black and Clear.

Rattle Straps are available in Black and Clear and are offered with a single or double arm.


Skirt Bands or Collars are offered in 4 different colors – Black, Amber, White and Chartreuse. Each band measures 3/16” diameter x 3/16” long.

Skirt Kits

Skirt Kits are offered in 3 different styles – Nature’s Edge, Nature Scales, and Sil-A-Chrome. Each will come with an assortment of skirting material, rattles, bands, straps, and a tying tool. Designed to sell in a retail store.

Lure Loops

The Lure Loop is designed to stretch over your rod butt and provide a safe and easy spot to secure your hook. Available in Chartreuse.

Tying Tools

This skirting making tool is compact so fishermen can take it with them on the boat. Simply slide the collar to the opening, pull the material inside, and release the collar onto the skirt.


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