Thank you for your interest in the products of Skirts Plus, the creator of BIO-FLEX® silicone, the original glitter skirts which revolutionized the fishing skirt market.

Skirts Plus Corporation, the creator of Bio-Flex Skirting Material, is a Minnesota-based company which supplies wholesale skirts and accessories to hundreds of businesses around the world. In 1986, Skirts Plus introduced silicone-based skirts to the world incorporating the specialized qualities of vibrant color, clarity, flexibility and non-stickiness in extreme temperatures. In addition, we were the first company to add metalflake glitter into the skirt for extra flash.

Whether you’re looking for standard material for jigs and spinnerbaits or thin cut material for finesse fishing or heavy durable muskie material, we’ve got it. With a wide array of colors and the most supple material ever made from the purest silicone rubber, Skirts Plus is the choice for the most discerning anglers. Add to the line-up a variety of rattle systems for jigs and spinnerbaits, and you’ll know why we are proud to invite you to the future of fishing, where “Innovation is our Reputation.”™

Our website gives a brief description of the products and colors available. Manufacturers and Businesses may contact our sales department for additional information on our products. Please call us at (952) 894-1840 or e-mail us at info@skirtsplus.com. We look forward to doing business with you.

Skirt Kits are available to the general public. Individuals that would like to purchase Skirt Kits may do so on this website. Click here to check them out. We are not setup to sell our skirts or skirting material at a retail level. If you are not a Tackle Manufacturer and would like to purchase our skirts and skirting material, please contact the below retailers.

Lure Parts Online     Living Rubber Co.     Do It Molds

Jann's Netcraft     Barlow's Tackle     Hagen's

Taylor Mans Custom Lures