Material Descriptions

The "Colors" page will show images of our stocked skirting material. These images should give you a good representation of the material color. If you desire a sample of a particular color, please contact our sales department.

You should become familiar with the way we describe our skirting material. Each color is listed by our Stock Number. Below the Stock Number is the skirt description. The base color of the material is listed first, followed by a slash, then the glitter(s) that are imbedded into the material. The following is an example of one of our colors.

SG-158 – Avocado / Orange, Black

SG-158 – Our Stock Number
Avocado – Base Color of the Skirt
Orange, Black – Skirt has Orange and Black Glitter

At Skirts Plus, we offer the following standard and premium lines:

Standard Glitter (SG Series)
Our Standard Glitter line offers anglers a wide variety of colors – from clears and tints, to solid, vivid colors. Add in the sparkling array of brilliant glitter and you will see why these skirts have become the backbone of the industry.

Fine Glitter (FG Series)
Sometimes you prefer a more subtle look in color but you still want a hint of flash. The flake size of our fine glitter material is about 1/3 smaller in size than our standard glitter.

Firetips (FT Series)
Firetips were designed to add a contrasting kick of color to your skirts to accent your favorite pork or plastic trailer. The tips of the material are a different color/glitter combination than the main body of the skirt.

Metallics (M Series)
Our metallic shadowstrands were created as a contrast to our translucent skirts. The metallic sheen allows for a glimmer without the need for glitter. They are perfect for jig fishing in murky waters.

Fishscale Prints (P Series)
Our printed line mimics the look of fish scales. Capture the natural look of baitfish by using print a a “back” and standard glitter for the “belly.”

No Print Tips (NPT Series)
Our "no print tips" line is similar to our P Series except that the printed portion of the material only covers the center of the layer - not the tips.

Nature’s Edge (NE Series)
Possibly our most popular line, the Nature’s Edge colors have completely natural tones with bursting spots of black. The translucent strands capture sunlight creating texture and depth.

Nature Scales (NS Series)
Unlike the conventional process of impregnating glitter in silicone, Nature Scales put the glitter on the outside in a scale pattern for maximum brilliance. The texture feels like real fish scales and you’ll appreciate the durability.

Sil-A-Chrome (800 Series)
The ultimate shine of chrome, in a fish scale pattern, on silicone rubber was first created here after years of research. The mission was to provide extreme flash in a skirt that anglers never thought possible.

Barbwire (BW Series)
The process to produce our Barbwire line combines the surface application of glitter – Nature Scales – and a printed accent pattern – the Barbwire.

Stripes (ST Series)
Stripe colored silicone skirts allow for multiple colors alternating along the length of the strands. This offers yet another dimension in our efforts toward the natural blending of colors to mimic baitfish.

Bio-Silk Classic (CL Series)
Our nine Classic Colors were formulated to match the look and feel of the old flat rubber skirts that were predominant in the 70s and 80s. These colors are totally opaque in appearance to shut off any hint of transparency. The silkiness mimics the soft feel of flat rubber skirts to help prevent strands sticking together and to contribute to the swimming characteristics.

Bio-Silk UltraTone (UT Series)
Developed as a contrast to the dull Classic Colors, our Ultratone line has twelve vivid, eye-popping colors unlike any currently on the market. The extreme brilliance of the color is complimented with the same silky smooth feel as the classic colors.

ZM Series
Zoom Bait Company® colors are said by many to be the gold standard of colors. Our ZM Series perfectly matches the color & glitter combinations found in their soft plastics.

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